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This website is on special offer to rent to a dog walker and or a cat sitter.

As the website is already set up, we are able to offer it at a really low monthly rental with absolutely no extras.

The rental is fixed and there are absolutely no extras.

Build your business for a really low weekly cost. (Payable monthly)

Just phone or email for details. No obligation and absolutely no pressure.

Are you a dog walker?

If you run a small dog walking business and you are interested in your own website for a small monthly rental, then we can help you.

This website is an example of what you can have for a small monthly rental, with no extra charges.       Phone or email us for a quotation.
You can use this premium domain name for your website or choose any other domain name, included in your monthly rental.

We will of course change the text and pictures to suit your business.       We will have an inital meeting with you to discuss your business and then set up a personalised website dedicated to your own business.

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All about Susan

My name is Susan and I have a passion for animals.

Dog walking

This is a small family run business from home, dog walking, cat sitting, etc and I just love spending so much time with dogs and cats. I have my own pets, a tortoise, two cats and a lovable Yorkshire Terrier. I worked for a few years in Spain at a horse rescue centre and also worked for quite a time with ponies.

Dog walking

"I have a good and varied experience and a real passion for animals. I just love working with dogs and cats and they seem to love me!

My mother and my aunt work together with me in the business. They share my interest for animals and together we offer a first class service.

Where are you?

I would love to work with you and your pets, wherever you are. However, to be practical, you need to be in my local area, which is around Prestwich, Whitefield and Radcliffe.

About our business!

  • Our business is NOT a franchise!!!
  • We are reliable, professional and passionate.
  • We are also offering a home boarding service as an alternative to using EXPENSIVE boarding kennels.
  • We treat your dog the same as we would our own dog. I couldn't put my beloved dog (Bobby) in kennels, so he stays with my aunt in a lovely home environement like mine.
  • Your dog would have lots of walks, cuddles and love!.
  • Complete peace of mind when you are on your holidays.

Walking the dog!

"Are you looking for me?"


In addition to my years of experience, I am fully CRB checked, I am fully insured and I am competent in First Aid for dogs and administering medication.

dog and cat playing

"We are all friends!"

Much of my passion for animals has come from my mum, who is now retired but still gives me lots and lots of support. She is also fully insured and with her many years of experience is able to work with me when I get really busy.

Not only do I care about your pet, I care about you also. I am really security conscious and if you are away I will park my car away from your home, to avoid anyone working out that you are away.

Taking the dog for a walk!

"No dog is too big or too small for me to handle."

I am also happy to offer my services on a Bank Holiday, so you you just don't have any worries.

As an animal owner with so much experience, you know that your pets will be safe with me.

Taking the tortoise for a walk!

"I have lots of patience!"


If you are working late, just give me a ring and I will call in to feed and walk your dog.

Elderly dogs - I will be gentle and understanding.

Puppies - I will join in the fun!

Holidays - I will call every day to feed and walk your dog. I will take away your worries, so you have a great time.

big dog

"I can turn a miserable dog into a happy dog in minutes!"



Wow, I just love cats!
These are just some of the services that I can offer you;

a special cat

Cat pop ins - this is something I have done for years.

I can sort out their litter trays.

Administer their medication.

Give your cat a big cuddle and have a play.

Feed and groom.

a special cat

"I can handle the wildest lions and tigers! (Sorry I mean Tabbys and Kittens)."

Stay Cool

Whatever your requirements, you will find that I am caring, trustworthy and my rates are really reasonable.

If you are a little bit older and need a bit of support with your animal, let me help out with your dog or cat.

A Cool Dog!

"Isn't this a "Cool" dog?"


Dear Susan

I have a 19 year old cat who is blind and I have not been away for a year, not wanting to leave her.

My sister-in-law found a leaflet in a shop advertising a lady who dog walked and cat sitting. The lady was Susan and I her rang immediately.

Susan arrived to meet me and I took to her straight away . I told her my cat needed pills twice a day and all the other requirements to look after Lilly, including sitting with her twice a day to keep her company.

I immediately booked my holiday and didn't worry at all about Lilly . I completely trusted Susan.

Lilly is well and happy and I won't have to worry about Lilly if I want to go away again and won't have to wait another year.

Thank you Susan   ........   from Ruth of Prestwich.

A Cool Dog!

Whatever your Needs!

No job too big or too small, just ask!


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